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Success Stories - Samah


Samah is 43 years old housewife and has three young daughters.  Her husband has been paralyzed as a result of a medical condition years ago, and was no longer able to work properly and generate sufficient income to alleviate the needs of his family. Samah did not continue her studies after she got married and only holds a baccalaureate degree.  When asked about why she decided to apply for the English Course at YFD, Samah Said, “I have been doing house chores for years now and with the many worries that I have including my husband’s medical case and the limited income, I feel very down and hopeless. My daughters are getting older and I can’t even help them with their homework because I almost forgot how to communicate in English. I now face problems in reading, writing and understanding the language. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to hire a private tutor to help my daughters. Once I saw the announcement of the course, I decided to enroll for several reasons but most importantly, to learn English language again and help my daughters in their homework instead of having to pay for a private teacher. I want to make my daughters proud, as they feel ashamed by the fact that unlike their friend’s parents, I am not able to help them with their studies because I can’t communicate in English. I also decided to give myself a break from house chores and get that feeling of commitment towards developing my own skills and get active again”.

With great efforts, Samah now accomplished her goals and can now help her daughters with their homework. She now has better self-confidence and she her daughters are proud of their mother whom was able to study again and succeed at the age of 43. 


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