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Success Stories - Rama


I am Rama, I am 10 years old, and I live in Saida. I joined the Green Fingerprint workshop at YFD center – East Boulevard after my cousin AAisha heard about it, so we decided to join it both of us especially that we have been feeling very down and bored because it was the summer vacation, and we couldn’t enjoy our time like other children because our parents do not have the enough money to provide any type of entertainment. The workshop promised to be full of knowledge and skills yet entertaining, and yes it was!

We learned all about the environment, the risks of pollution and bad waste management and how we can save our planet by following the simple steps of recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. My favorite part about the workshop was the method of teaching that the trainers followed, they were very friendly and we got to learn everything through games especially handicrafts. We were asked to bring disposable materials in order to create with them something nice the next day. During the workshop, I got new friends and I was able to enjoy my time just like other children, I felt free and happy and I learned how to be creative by using things that I usually throw away and harm the environment with. The workshop also taught me how to make use of my free time by creating handicrafts. Now, before throwing anything, I think of how would I reuse it to create something beautiful and decorate my room with it, and I am trying to pass this knowledge and creativity to my friends at school by telling them about all the information and skills that I have learned during the fingerprint workshop.

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