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Success Stories - Nour Tayyeb

Nour Tayyeb

My name is Nour Tayyeb.  I am 21 years old.  I am Palestinian who lived and raised in Syria.  My father is dead, and my mother is house keeper.  I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.  During the Syrian war I was obliged  to quit my studying in the banking institute, and displaced with my family to live in Lebanon.  At the beginning I lost my hope to complete studying in the university in Lebanon, then I heard about (YFD) So I completed my education.  I have not only gained education, but also experience, from my studying Business and Office Management at the YFD center in scholastic year 2014/2015, so YFD gave me a lot of hope.   When I finished education at YFD I began to work in the Express Travel Co. As a receptionist and secretary, and I continue to progess in my work.  I still trying hard to complete my university degree, and I will not lose hope again.  I thank God and thank all those who gave me help and support. 


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