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News & Events - Youth for Development Organization-YFD organized a workshop about leadership

Youth for Development Organization-YFD organized a workshop about leadership

On the 8th and 9th of May 2013, the Youth for Development Organization organized a workshop under the name Leadership and Pioneer Thinking in Modern Age, within YFD center in Wata el Mostebah Area Beirut Lebanon, the aim of this workshop is for youth to be prepared to work in partnership with adults, and to develop and/or enhance their leadership skills. This Leadership training prepares youth to manage time, work as a team, set goals, start conversations, facilitate meetings, and make effective presentations. To build the capacities of young man and women, the workshop focused on modern ways of leadership and how youth as young empowered leaders can play  important in their communities, achieving their owns communities goals. The workshop explored the different patterns of leadership the difference of old types and modern ones, the theories behind it and the skills, knowledge and orientation behind each type. Practical experience of to how to lead was also provided; the chosen activities designed especially for youth and not mention introduced another important concept that is pioneering and the pioneer thinking.  The importance of the concept of pioneer thinking is the encouragement of youth to think outside the box in seeking solutions to problems hindering their communities.  

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