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YSP visit

The YSP group visited Lebanon in in the beginning of January 2016. The aim of the visit was to introduce, and possibly start up the project in collaboration with the students. All together they had 3 visits to the YFD schools in Saida and Beirut – two visits to Beirut and one in Saida.  The students were excited about the ideas they brought forward, and were interested in  joining the project. Some of the students also helped them by giving interviews, which is crucial for them to have when doing their information work.

The basics of the idea is that students in Lebanon, and students in different educational institutions in Norway exchange newsletters. The project will enable students to practice their written english, as well as allowing the youth to exchange thoughts, ideas and reflections with each other. One of the main goals for the YSP organization is to spread awareness of the situation that the youth in Lebanon is currently facing. By including several institutions,  rather than mainly working with one, they intend to involve more people in the type of work they are doing. Through this project students will form a more personal connection to the Lebanese youth, as we are communicating directly.  A result will therefore be a more personal interest level for the cause,  as well.

Our Offices:
YFD Main Office   +961 1 305 338
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Beirut    +961 1 818 814
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Saida    +961 7 736 156

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